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Client Testimonials


During 2004- 2005, I suffered from extreme low back and pelvis pain. I attended Numerous ‘TOP’ Consultants and specialists, receiving Steroid injections, epidurals, intense physio and two extensive stays in hospital. All of this did nothing for me, I was told to go home and go to bed for a year. Following this I received Austin’s number from a past pupil of my fathers. We rang Austin Christmas week 2004. I attended his clinic in Donore three times a week from December to the following April. Austin asked me what I wanted from the treatment so we had a target to work towards, I told him I would love to be able to have one dance at my Brothers wedding the following February 14th valentines day.

With Austin’s work and positive encouragement not only did I get my chance I was brought back to full health, It was a wonderful feeling to be back walking and feeling positive about my life. Now six years later, I am a fully qualified Primary Teacher, Working and living happily in Birmingham. With out the wonderful help of Austin I would certainly not be were I am today.

Thank you, Austin.

Aine McQuaid - Primary School Teacher

Dec 2009

Shortly after having my 2nd child I developed a very bad case of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. It was extreemly painful, often waking me throughout the night so I went to my doctor who recommended wearing support gloves but said that if I felt no ease of pain I might want to consider having surgery. A friend suggested I make an appiontment with Nicki for massage on my arm and hand and after a couple of treatments I no longer had any pain and to this day I have not suffered with it again and am happy I tried a alternative route than surgery. I would definitely recommend BodyFit Clinics to others.

Mandy O Connor - Bank Official



July 2012

My Daughter Niamh has a condition known as Arthrogryposis. This condition affects the muscles in the body and without the proper treatment would in turn affect Niamh's activities of daily living. However having heard feedback from different people about physical therapy Niamh & I decided to research physical therapists available and found Austin Bradshaw.

Niamh has attended Austin for the last number of years and he has developed the muscles that were not functioning along with strenghtening other muscles. After some sessions of physical therapy Austin decided to introduce the use of Kinesio Tape, as he was sure its use would be very beneficial in Niamhs treatment, which it was as Niamh is now splint free.

Niamh now looks forward to a bright and independent future all thanks to her mom and Austin Bradshaw.

Olive Connolly - Castleblaney.

17th July 2012

Friday January 13th 2012 - Lucky for some! but not me. I managed to fall about 3.5m on my back and as a result crushed my Lumbar region and fractured my right heel. After a week in hospital, having managed to avoid serious surgery - I was sent home trussed up in a body brace and hopping along on a zimmer frame. The instructions were to lie horizontally for at least 3 months, in the words of the consultant "It is a 3 month sentence" and is certainly was.

After 3 return visits to the hospital spanning over the 3 months the diagnosis was that "healing was satisfactory". Thankfully Austin Bradshaw was at hand and having seen his fantastic work with my daughter 7 years previously I had no hesitation in placing my rehab in his hands. On the 17th May I returned to the hospital for x-rays and consultation. The consultant was delighted with my "amazing healing" and discharged me forthwith.

Austin continued with my rehab & exercise programme and it is with the greatest pleasure that I write this short history of my successful come back under his caring supervision so that it can act as a  testament to the healing power of his work.

Frank McQuaid - Retired School Teacher, Castleblaney

July 2012

Hi my name is Declan Mc Phillips. I am the father of Shauna Mc Phillips who suffers from a rare condition known as Rett Syndrome .Shauna was diagnosed with this at 2 years of age .This condition is very severe it has a vast amount of complications ,some of which is cannot talk no mobility ,hearts seizures ,epilipsy ,scollisos breathing irregularities and many more.

I was put in touch with Austin Bradshaw by Olive Connolly who had her daughter attending him so I said I would give him a call .Firstly we spoke about Shauna's condition - she had low musle tone, no mobility and she just sat on the floor and could not move.

Austin agreed to do some work with Shauna on a regular basis. Shauna has improved immensely with the work Austin has been doing with her. Shauna can now stand, her muscle tone is greatly improved and she can walk a short distance with somebody holding her hand. Austin continues to work with Shauna and we are very happy with the results so far.

Declan McPhilips - Co Monaghan

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